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Update on Binary Options Broker Boss Capital

Boss Capital, one of the largest global binary options brokers, closed its operations in Mid 2017, liquidating its business and leaving the binary options industry forever.

This broker joins the list of companies that leave the binary options sector. Are you interested in trading with a reliable and properly regulated binary options broker?  You can try the broker IQOption that offers Forex, CFD and binary options (for non-European traders).

Type of Broker 
Boss Capital is a Binary Options broker.

Country of origin
The headquarters of this broker are located in Gibraltar.

No information about it.

Underlying Assets 
This broker allows to trade with binary options based on the following underlying assets:
  • Currency pairs: 20 currency pairs of the Forex market, including the most important such as the EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD among other.
  • Indices: 28 of the major stocks indices in the market, including the IBEX 35, DAX 30, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500.
  • Commodities: 8 of the most important commodities in the market, including gold, silver, crude oil, silver, platinum and sugar.
  • Stocks: 44 stocks of the main European, Asian and American markets such as Vodafone, Lloyds, British Petroleum, Barclays, Google, Apple, Telefonica, Toyota, Tata Motors and Lukoil.

Types of Binary Options
The client of Boss Capital can trade with the following type of options:
  • Regular Binary Options (High/Low options): This type of binary option is the most traded and common  thanks to its simplicity and the fast and high income that it offers. With the High/Low Binary Options, the trader only has to determine if the price of the underlying asset is going to be up or down once the option expires. The expiration period of the options offered by Boss Capital is 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes,1 hour, 1 day and even 1 week.
  • One Touch Binary Options: One Touch options are different from High/Low option in the sense that the trader must determine if the underlying asset price is going to touch or not a particular price level before the end of the expiration period of the option. The maturity of One Touch options can last several hours of days. For that reason they offer a higher yield (from 350% to 500% of the option inversion) compared to the High/Low options.
  • Range Binary Options:  This is a more complex type of binary options as the trader has to determine if the asset price will expire or not within a predetermined price range once the contract´s expiration period ends. If the option ends “In the money”, this broker pays from 75%-85% of the contract inversion.
  • Short terms Binary Options: This is a special type of High/Low options which have a maturity of just 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes. For this reason these options are ideal for traders who prefer short-term trades to take advantage of market micro-movements, especially in volatile instruments like oil, gold and certain currency pairs.

Payment Offered by Boss Capital
-For the High/Low options, If the option expires “In the Money”, this broker pays from 70%-85% of the contract inversion.
-It pays up to 500% of the contract inversion for One Touch options.

Trading Accounts
Boss  Capital offers the following types of trading accounts for its clients:
  • Standard account: It is the regular trading account of the broker Boss Capital. It requires a minimum deposit of $200 and offers a welcome bonus of 30%. The Standard account provides multiple services and benefits such as daily and weekly market analysis, a free ebook on binary options, video tutorials on the trading platform and access to the Trading Academy of this broker.
  • Executive account: This is a type of trading account for more experienced traders. It requires a minimum deposit of $1000 and offers a welcome bonus of 40%. The Executive account offers multiple services and benefits such as daily and weekly market analysis, a free ebook on binary options, video tutorials on the trading platform, access to the Trading Academy of this broker and a seminar on money management. Likewise, the trader can receive a lesson on trading strategies, membership to the Trading Academy of Boss Options and a risk-free trade.
  • Gold Account: These trading accounts are designed for professional traders. It requires a minimum deposit of $5000 and offers a welcome bonus of 50%. The Gold account offers multiple services and benefits such as daily and weekly market analysis, a free ebook on binary options, video tutorials on the trading platform and access to the Trading Academy of this broker. It also includes a personal account manager, money management training, 3 lessons on trading strategies, access to analyzes made by professionals and 3 risk-free trades.
  • Platinum Account: A trading account designed for professional traders and a high level of capital to trade with binary options. The Platinum account requires a minimum deposit of $10,000 and includes everything that the Gold account offers plus a number of additional benefits, such as a personal account manager 24/7,  access to market analyzes made by professionals, consultations with professional market analysts with years of experience and access to VIP webinars with trading signals.
  • VIP Account: This account was created for VIP customers of this company, including professional traders and large investors. It requires a minimum deposit of $ 50,000 and includes all the services and benefits of the Platinum accounts plus additional ones such as 15 risk free trads, 15 professional trading strategies, a dedicated account manager and higher profits on winning trades (In The Money options). Customers who have a VIP account have access to VIP webinars which include live trading signals, special bonuses and other offers.

Trading Platform
Boss Capital has a trading platform based on the system developed by TechFinancials, a web based application (no download or installation is required) which can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. This platform gives the trader more flexibility in their trades and offer the possibility to trade in the market regardless of the client location. It is designed to trade with various types of binary options (High /Low, One Touch and Range) based on all the underlying assets offered by this broker.
Among the tools offered by this application to the trader we can highlight the following: 
  • Double Up: This is a feature that allows the trader to duplicate a winning trade when he or she consider that favorable market conditions will persist. 
  • Roll Over: Through this function, the trader has the possibility of extending the expiration period of a binary option. It is useful in transactions where the trader believes that an option which at the moment is “Out The Money” has a high probability of expiring In The Money the duration of the contract is extended. 
  • Early Closure: It is a function  designed to allow the trader to close the options that are still active before the end of the preset period of maturity. 
  • Sell Your Options: A unique feature of the broker Boss Capital, through which the trader can sell a binary option broker back to the time before the expiration of the contract. This allows the customer to cut your losses if you think about your market forecasting and operations Money Out The finalized probably wrong.

Demo Account
Not for the moment.

Payment Options
The trader can deposit and withdrawal funds through the following methods:Bank Wire Transfer, credit cards (the main credit cards like VISA and Mastercard) and debit cards.

Main Advantages of Boss Capital
  • The clients have the possibility to get bonuses for the opening of a trading account and the deposit of funds.
  • Boss Capital offers ad good customer service by e-mail, telephone and chat in the website of the company.
  • The client of this broker can trade with several types of binary options based on a wide variety of underlying assets (markets).
  • A lot of trading instruments (underlying assets of the Option´s contract), such as currency pairs, indices and commodities.
  • Through its website, Boss Capital provides basic education on binary options trading. This education includes aspects such as terminology and basics of binary options. 
  • Daily market analysis by experts.
  • The process to open a trading account is very simple and fast.
  • Boss Capital offers the possibility to trade with High/Low options with a maturity of just 30 seconds.
  • This broker offers the possibility to close a position prior to its expiration to ensure the earnings of the trades.
  • Boss Capital offers an intuitive an easy to use trading platform.
  • No commissions and no fees of any kind. 
  • The application include a money management tool for the clients.
  • This company offers the possibility to earn money promoting its services through an affiliate program called Rushbucks (the affiliation is free).

Main Broker Offers
-This company offers regular bonuses for new and regular clients that deposit funds in their trading accounts.
  • A welcome bonus from 30% to 50% for new clients that open an account and deposit funds.
  • Risk free trades.
*These bonuses are for trading purposes.


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