What are pending orders?

buy limit order

Pending orders are instructions given by traders to their brokers or trading platforms to buy or sell an asset at a specific price in the future. These orders are also known as limit orders or stop orders and allow traders to set up trades ahead of time, even when they are not actively monitoring the market. Pending orders are useful … Read more

What is the Forex spot market?

The cash market or spot market is one in which both the transaction and the settlement of a transaction coincide on the same date. Although it is considered a spot market when delivery occurs up to a maximum of 2 days later. The most important spot market is the Forex spot. In spot markets, transactions are usually settled within a … Read more

History of The Forex Market

  History of the foreign exchange market Money began to be used during the time of the pharaohs, although the Babylonians were the first to use notes and receipts. Since in the Middle East each town had its own currency, foreign currency transactions arose to facilitate commercial exchange between different individuals, regions, and towns. During the Middle Ages, merchants found … Read more

Exchange Rate Risk

Exchange rate risk is the potential loss as a result of currency fluctuations. This potential loss occurs according to its volatility and position at a given time. It is also known as currency risk. The risk in the exchange rate refers to the possible changes in the price of one currency against another. So, depending on the position we have, … Read more

Euro vs dollar (EUR/USD): key concepts to invest in the foreign exchange market with CFDs

EURUSD Currency pair

EURUSD Currency pair

In trading, there are many investment possibilities, one of them is speculation through CFDs in the Forex market, where the Euro vs. Dollar cross (EUR/USD) is one of the most valued now by traders and investors around the world.

The euro and the dollar are the most influential currencies in the market since they correspond to two great economic powers such as Europe and the United States. It should be noted that in Europe there are 19 countries that have the euro as their currency.

Before investing or trading, it is essential to be very clear about some concepts in order to follow the investment strategies in the best possible way and avoid risks to a greater extent, therefore, at ForexDominion we bring you all the information and basic concepts related to the Euro Dollar currency pair.

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Forex Currency Correlations Explained – Definition and Uses

Forex Correlations Table

Forex Currency Correlations Table

Have you ever noticed that when a certain currency pair rises, another currency pair falls? Or that sometimes when one pair falls, another pair seems to copy its movement and falls too. If the answer is yes, you have witnessed an example of a Forex currency correlation.

What is currency correlation?

In the financial world, correlation is a statistical measure of how two securities move relative to each other.

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A Map of Forex Traders: Where Are the 9.6 Million Online Traders?

Map of Forex traders

The Forex market has been particularly active since the 1970s. It has become the world’s largest financial market, with an average daily trading volume growing from around 1.2 trillion in 1995 to 5.1 trillion in 2019, according to figures from the Bank for International Settlements.

Although large financial institutions and banks are responsible for a substantial part of the trading volume in this market, modern technology has also made it accessible to a broader customer base. Forex brokers have developed easy-to-use online trading platforms, which have simplified the trading process, and made it available from almost anywhere in the world.

In fact, 9.6 million people worldwide are now online traders – that is, 1 in 781 people.

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What is a limit order in Forex trading?

buy limit order

What a limit order?

Limit and stop orders

A limit order can be defined as a trading order given to the broker or dealer to buy or sell an asset at the specified price or better.

As a limit order is executed only at the specified price or better, a limit buy order will be executed only at the specified price or at a lower price, while a limit sell order will be executed only at the specified price or at a higher price. In both cases, a limit order is only executed if the market price reaches the limit price (price specified in the limit order) or passes it, which means that a limit buy order is accepted only if the limit price is less than the current market price and will be executed if the price falls to the limit price or to a lower price. A limit sell order will be accepted only if the specified limit price is higher than the current market price and will be executed only if the market price goes up to that limit price or up to a higher price.

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What is the stop hunting?

Stop hunting is called the practice that consists in forcing the positions of retail traders, causing a movement in the price action, up or down, until the price reaches the levels where stop-loss orders have been placed. This leads to stop losses being executed in such a way that retail traders are expelled from the market while another investor benefits from it. It is a strategy used mainly by large financial institutions that have enough capital to buy and sell and influence market prices.

The fact that traders place their stop loss levels at key points such as supports or resistances, relevant moving averages, Fibonacci levels, or integer figures, allow the stop hunting to be carried out.

In other words, the large market participants extend the price considerably with the sole purpose of activating the automatic protection closures (Stop Loss Orders) of retail traders.

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