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MetaTrader 4, the most known and used platform for Forex trading has a lot of tools and options which are little known and used primarily by ignorance. This is due largely to the fact that very few users read the manual built into the platform. In this article we will see some of these options and utilities unfamiliar. (Much of what is described below applies equally to Metatrader 5).

Market watch window

The Metatrader platform, newly installed, does not show all instruments available to trade on the broker, but a few. You can see in the market watch window the list with several interesting options.

The Forex and CFD broker RoboForex (regulated by CySEC) is offering for a limited time a promotion consisting of a deposit bonus of up to 115% for each deposit made by the trader in his account. In this case, there are no limits as to how much money a customer can collect through this offer.

The amount of the bonus depends on the amount deposited by the trader, and ranges from 50% to 115%. Likewise, the bonus money can be withdrawn without restrictions once certain requirements of the offer are met.

 -Period of validity of the offer: This promotion have no time limit, however RoboForex can modify the terms or even cancel the offer at any time. So, it is valid during all 2017.

Investing in the Forex market offers huge advantages over buying and selling  shares in the stock market especially if you're a small investor who does not have a large capital to invest. Here are the main advantages of the Forex market with respect to stock trading:

The Forex market operates 24 hours a day

The Forex markets operates continuously 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. This market opens on Sunday at 14:00 hours (New York time) and closes on Friday at 16:00 hours (New York time). In this way,  traders from around the world have the advantage of being able to react quickly to the main news of the market and can set their own schedules to trade as they have the possibility to trade during the trading sessions in the financial markets in United States, Europe and Asia.

Bulltrax is an affiliate program created by the binary options broker 10Trade of Europe (a company regulated by CySEC of Cyprus) in order to promote its services and gain new customers who open a trading account with this company and deposit funds. To this end, Bulltrax  has designed a series of promotional resources which are based primarily on the Internet, such as banners, logos, links and more. With these tools and the commission plans offered, this program is an excellent option for monetizing blogs and websites whose main topics are related to binary options and financial markets in general.

10Trade, binary options broker

Review of the Binary Options Broker 10Trade

10Trade is a regulated binary options broker from Europe which was funded in 2014 and offers many different features such as various types of options (including 60 seconds options and Ladder bet options), multiple underlying assets like currency pairs (Forex), stocks, stock indices and commodities and a web based trading platform with trading functions such as "Rollover" and "Double Up". This broker offers the possibility to open an account and trade with just $200.

Also, it is a fully regulated broker which operates under MiFID rules in Europe and with segregated accounts (isolated accounts in global banks). 

Because it is no centralized market, Forex is open 24 hours a day Monday through Friday. However, not all time is equally suitable to enter the market. In fact, there are periods that offer excellent earning potential while others should be avoided since they have low liquidity and movement.
Many traders know that the period corresponding to the London session is the period that has more movement compared to other sessions, however, there are certain days in the week in which markets tend to show more movement.

Usually it is best to trade during midweek, as in this period is when most of the action occurs in the market.

Friday markets remain relatively active until 12:00 pm EST and thereafter the activity falls until the closing occurs at 5:00 pm EST. This means that on Friday, traders work only half a day since most are kept off the market for the rest of the trading session.

The broker RoboForex, a company specialized in financial services with Forex, precious metals and CFD, offers a promotion to all its customers that consists of a cashback promotion (Forex cash rebates), which is based on the volume traded by the client each month. It is a service that allows customers to reduce the spread costs on all types of trading accounts.

This service is permanent and available to all traders who have Cent, Standard or ECN accounts.

Flags patterns

Flags are chart patterns which occur mainly during the consolidation periods, particularly while the market exists in a tight range. When it comes to flag formation, it has both optimistic and pessimistic interpretation. But this relies upon the currency pair´s trend existing in the market. When the Forex market (or any other financial market) goes up, the bullish flag (descending flag) tends to move downwards and when the market moves down, the bearish flag (ascending flag) will move upwards. Remember, flags and pennants are closely connected and have an extension pattern that will represent a pause over the market dynamics.

These chart patterns are most usually observed after a huge and intense move in the market trends. With a breakthrough in the market, there will be a usual uptrend/downtrend in the market following the same direction. Many potential resources and case study have stated that, the flag chart pattern has proven to be one of the most reliable formations in the charts market analysis.

The Forex and CFD broker RoboForex (regulated by CySEC) announced that it will offer a new promotion for new customers consisting of a welcome bonus of 30 USD. Through this offer, the trader can obtain initial trading capital of USD 30 at the lowest cost for their investments. It is not a completely free bonus since it requires the deposit of 10 USD in the trading account. This bonus can be used to trade with any instrument offered by RoboForex, including Forex and precious metals.

 - Period of validity of the promotion: At the moment RoboForex has not specified a deadline for this offer, therefore it is valid throughout 2017. however, the company can modify the terms or cancel the offer at any time.

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