EXNess Demo Account Explained

The demo account at the EXNess broker is technically and functionally a complete copy of the real trading account, except that the client is trading with the use of virtual funds. Assets, quotes, trading indicators and signals are completely identical. Therefore, a demo account is a great way to train, test all kinds of trading strategies and develop money management skills. It is a perfect tool to help you take your first steps in trading, see how it works and learn how to trade. Advanced traders can practice various trading strategies without risking their own money.

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Exness Demo Account Features

When a trader registers with EXness and opens an account, a demo account with a virtual capital of USD 10,000 is created in the Personal Area in the Demo tab of “My Accounts” by default.

All EXNess real account types have demo accounts available. On occasion, Exness demo accounts also allow traders to participate in trading contests, which are subject to availability.

What is the difference between a Real and Demo account?

The main difference is that with Real accounts you will trade with real funds, while Demo accounts use virtual money with no real value to trade.

Other than that, the market conditions for Demo accounts are exactly the same as for Real accounts, which makes them ideal for practicing your strategies. Additionally, they are available for all account types other than Standard Cent.

If you want to try a demo account for yourself, sign up and get virtual money ($10,000) to practice on, instantly.

How to open a demo account on the EXNess website?

How to register an account?

1. Visit the Exness home page and click “Open Account“.

EXNess Demo Account

  1. On the registration page:
  • Select your country of residence; this cannot be changed and will dictate what payment services are available to you.
  •  Enter your email address .
  • Create a password for your Exness account by following the guidelines shown.
  • Enter a partner code (optional), which will link your Exness account to a partner in the Exness Partnership program.

 Note: In the case of an invalid partner code, this input field will be cleared so you can try again.

  • Check the box stating that you are not a US citizen or resident if this applies to you.
  • Click Continue once you have provided all the required information

How open a demo account?

3. Congratulations, you have successfully registered a new Exness account and you will be redirected to the Exness terminal. Click on the “Demo Account” button to trade with the Demo account.

Choose a Exness demo account

Now you don’t need to register to open a demo account. $10,000 in a Demo account allows you to practice all you need for free.

Exness Trader App

You can also trade on a Real account after depositing. Click on the yellow “Live account” button to trade with a live account.

Choose Exness Real Account

Go to Personal Area to open more trading accounts.

By default, a live trading account and a demo trading account (both for MT5) are created in your new Personal Area; but it is possible to open new trading accounts.

Once you have registered, it is recommended that you fully verify your Exness account to gain access to all features available only to fully verified personal areas.

How to open a demo account in the Exness Trader app?

  1. Download Exness Trader from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Install and load Exness Trader.

3. Select Sign Up.

4. Click Change country/region to select your country of residence from the list, then click Continue.

Open demo account broker EXNess

5. Enter your email address and Continue.

6. Create a password that meets the requirements. Press Continue.

  1. Provide your phone number and click Send me a code.
  2. Enter the 6-digit verification code sent to your phone number, then click Continue . You can click on Resend me a code if time runs out.
  3. Create a 6-digit passcode, then re-enter it to confirm. This is not optional and must be completed before you can enter Exness Trader.
  4. You can configure biometrics by clicking Allow if your device supports it, or you can skip this step by clicking Not now.
  5. The deposit screen will appear, but you can click back to return to the main area of the application.

Congratulations, Exness Trader is set up and ready to use.

Upon registration, a demo account is created for you (with virtual funds of USD 10,000) to practice trading.

Along with a demo account, a real account is also created for you upon registration.

About EXNess

Exness is a leading Cyprus based Forex and CFD broker that is highly regulated in various jurisdictions, by various financial services supervisory bodies such as CBCS, CySEC, FCA, FSA, FSC, FSCA.

It stands out for its services aimed at traders of all profiles, from beginner investors to professional traders.

It currently offers the following trading instruments to its clients:

  • Forex currency pairs (more than 100 currency pairs).
  • Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium with instant execution.
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and others.
  • Energy commodities such as crude oil and natural gas.
  • Stock indices of major stock markets such as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.
  • The biggest stocks from the global stock markets like Tesla, Meta, Alphabet, Apple, Netflix and more.


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