New Home Sales Indicator

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General Definition The “New Home Sales” is an economic indicator that measures sales of newly built homes. This is a monthly published data, which always refers to the previous month in which the Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau published the report. This report includes both the quantity and price statistics. It is considered a lagging [...]

How affects the control of inflation the Forex market?

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The increase in prices over time, which is inflation, in an economy experiencing growth is inevitable. Furthermore, it is accepted by most economists that a moderate rate of inflation is positive for the economy. In this regard, central banks try to control inflation to be kept within certain limits in order to exploit the positive effects of inflation [...]

United States Retail Sales

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General definition The Retail Sales Index is a report that considers the sales of goods in the retail sector during the previous month. This is a monthly figure, which always refers to the previous month in which the Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce of United States issued the report. This report is compiled and issued [...]

Fundamental Analysis in Forex

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Fundamental Analysis of the Forex Market Forex fundamental analysis is a type of market analysis that identifies and measures factors that determine the intrinsic value of financial instruments such as economic and political environment. It is included in the fundamental analysis any factor affecting supply and demand of the instrument traded. For example, a study [...]

Inflation and its impact on financial markets

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We can define inflation as the general increase in prices of goods and services in connection with a currency at a specific time period. When the price of these resources increases, the purchasing power of the country’s monetary unit drops so the people of the country can buy less goods and services and this has an overall impact [...]

Durable Goods Orders Indicator – Definition and Relevance

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Durable Goods Order definition The Durable Goods Orders report is an economic indicator that reflects new orders placed with domestic manufacturers for delivery of durable goods (hard goods) from the factory, in the short term or in the future. This is a monthly published data, which always refers to the previous month in which the [...]

The Interest rates

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What is the interest rate? The interest rate is the rate paid by a borrower for the use of money borrowed from a lender. For example, a company (borrower) asks borrowed capital to a bank (lender) to buy new assets for their businesses, in exchange for lending money, the lender receives interest at a predetermined [...]

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