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Kraken Review 2020 – The Safest Cryptocurrency Exchange

2020-08-25T01:58:33+00:00By |Categories: Crypto|Tags: , |

Kraken   -It is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges -It offers more than 130 pairs of cryptocurrencies. -Low trading commissions Visit Kraken Website Kraken is a popular cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy bitcoins as well as cryptocurrency pairs to speculate. Among the crypto asset trading platforms, Kraken is one of the most famous and [...]

Bitcoin is a myth, says Central Bank of France

2020-08-22T00:05:56+00:00By |Categories: Cryptonews|Tags: |

Bitcoin does not perform the functions of the currency well, according to the French central bank. The so-called stablecoins and CBDCs are also addressed in the study. The central bank of France states in its most recent newsletter, dedicated to means of payment, that Bitcoin has not fulfilled its initial proposal to “replace legal currencies.” [...]

COVID-19 Crisis Triggers Global Debt

2020-08-03T22:09:18+00:00By |Categories: Forex Article|

The COVID-19 pandemic is also having dire consequences for the economy. One of the most notable effects in a large increase in public and private debt. The world was still resentful of the great recession of 2008 when the Coronavirus health crisis erupted. With the virus spreading massively and many economies still paralyzed, states are [...]

Pattern Recognition Master Indicator for Metatrader 4 and 5

2020-07-29T18:41:46+00:00By |Categories: MT4-EA-Indicators|Tags: |

In this article we will explain a custom indicator for Metatrader 4, called Pattern Recognition Master, which detects different price patterns in charts automatically, which save time for the trader and eliminates the possibility of ignoring patterns or confuse one price pattern with other. For many traders, the price action is the best indicator of current and [...]

Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

2020-07-22T21:52:17+00:00By |Categories: Forex Education|

What is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)? The Bank for International Settlements, or BIS because of its acronym in English, is an international organization dedicated to stimulating monetary and financial cooperation worldwide. This large entity is often seen as a kind of central bank supervisor. This organism was born in 1930, being therefore considered [...]

Personal Income and Consumption Index Indicator

2020-07-21T19:55:22+00:00By |Categories: Forex Education|Tags: , |

General definition The Personal Income and Consumption Index is a report from United States that includes both personal income and consumption expenditures from all sources. This is a monthly figure, which always refers to the two previous months in which the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the Department of Commerce discloses the report. In this case, the personal income [...]