Vegas Tunnels Trading Strategy for 1 Hour Charts

This is a trading system developed by Vegas to trade only in 1 hour price charts. Basically this trading technique is to open three equal positions (if the trading platform permits the trader can also open a position divided into three parts which can be closed independently). Another option is to divide the capital invested in the trade according to percentages, for example the first position corresponds to 50%, the second position to 25% and the third position to 25%. Each trader can decide how to work with each position.

It can be used in many markets, including Forex (any currency pair), precious metals (gold and silver), indices and other.

The methodology of this system is quite simple. Initially three exponential moving averages (EMA) are plotted on 1 hora chart:

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Master Candles Trading Strategy

What is a Master candle?

First at all we are going to describe what is a master candle. Basically these are candle with big bodies and wicks (the sticks over and under the bodie of the candle) marking a new high or a new low and whose extension or range covers out the following 4 or more candles. To better understand the concept of master candles we can observe the following image:

Forex Money Management Guide

In this section, we will try to explain what is money management, what are the different techniques used when applying it, as well as other concepts related to this topic.

Introduction to Money Management

Money management is probably the most important aspect of managing a trading account. It is something so simple that can be learned in ten minutes and certainly is one of the most important causes of losses for most traders, usually in a reduced time.

As the name suggests, Monetary Management is nothing more than a set of techniques that help us to determine the size of our position to control potential losses that may arise when the market move against us.

Due to the high leverage offered in the Forex trading, many inexperienced traders assume a higher risk than any investor should take, resulting in hardly recoverable losses.

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Scalping Guide for Traders

What is scalping?

The scalping can be defined as a very effective (but also risky) trading technique which has become one of the most popular strategies in recent years. It is also known as “Quick Trading” and is one of the most effective trading strategies used in highly liquid financial markets such as Forex. Scalping is a series of short term operations (buy and sell fast trades) over the trading session, which can reach even the hundreds of daily trades with ease. In this case, it involves transactions that may take 1-2 minutes on average and sometimes even a few seconds.

The scalping is classified as an intraday trading technique, ie transactions whose duration is less than a day and can last from several seconds to several hours. Through the scalping, a human trader can make up to 20 or more buy or sell buy and sell trades in an hour to profit from micro-movements of the market. Automated trading systems based on computers are capable of a much larger number of scalping operations per day.

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Common money management techniques for Forex

In this article we will discuss some of the most popular techniques of money management applied in trading. Although the topic can get complicated and also there are many techniques, we will focus on the most important.

Fixed Capital Percent Technique

This technique determines that we should risk the same percentage amount over the size of our trading account in every operation we perform. It has several advantages, for example, when we win, we will gradually increase the size of our position, thus harnessing the power of compound interest, while when we lose, we will reduce the position size, protecting our account from further losses.
It is probably the most widespread money management technique among traders, because a priori, is the one that offers more advantages.

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The Money Management – Basic Principles

money management applied in trading

What is money management?

Many traders believe that the most important thing in trading is the knowledge of everything related to the market analysis or having a trading system with high reliability. It is true that these aspects are part of the success of a trader, but are only one part. However, one of the most important aspects of trading refers to the risk control and money management, because if we enter the market without a contingency plan for the worst case scenario, we are betting, not trading. We can spend much effort improving our trading system and gain knowledge about the market, but unless we develop a money management strategy we will not survive long in an environment as unpredictable as the market.

Money Management or Operational Risk Management is defined as the process of analyzing the trades according to risk and potential profits, determining how much risk, if any, is acceptable, and managing each position to control risk and maximize profit according to the equity in the trading account. Following the principles of preservation of capital, money management may consist of anything from a few simple rules to complex portfolio management theories. However, for most traders and investors, a common sense approach is more than enough to start earning money.

In this section I hope, for a moment, we will divert your attention from the search for the perfect system, so you can discover that you can turn a loser  system into a winner just by changing the rules of money management.

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Why Trading Systems Stop Working?

why trading systems stop working

Developing an effective trading system can be a challenging and time-consuming process, and once you have one, it can be exciting and rewarding to see it consistently generate profits. However, occasionally, you may experience your trading system suddenly stop working, and what was once a profitable strategy, now appears to be losing money. In this article, we will examine the … Read more