Expanding Triangle – How to trade with this price pattern?

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What is the expanding triangle pattern? The expanding triangle pattern, also known simply as expansionary formation, is formed during periods of very high market volatility, with many price oscillation and a not very clear trend. With each swing the pattern expands further, forming two opposite trend lines. An expanding triangle consists of a series of [...]

Chart Patterns Formations in Trading

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Financial markets, including Forex, involves plenty of chart formations, while not all of them are effective. There are many pricing patterns available and some of them give an excellent profit while a few of them doesn’t work good. First and the foremost, the chart patterns must focus on double top pattern and it is the [...]

Triple Bottom Reversal Pattern

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Description of triple bottom pattern Many successful investors keep implementing well known chart patterns such as the “Triple Bottom” in their trading strategies model. Forex traders are not the exception as many traders around the world use formations as the triple bottom to take decisions regarding their trades in the market, including the opening and [...]

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