Affiliate Program Forex-Affiliate

Forex-Affiliate is an affiliate program implemented by the Forex broker EasyMarkets in order to actively promote their services and acquire new customers (traders) who open a trading account and deposit funds to trade in the financial markets. To this end, the program is based on an affiliate system that provides all kinds of promotional resources based primarily on the Internet, which are specifically designed for this purpose.

Thanks to these advertising tools and commission plans offered in this program, Forex-Affiliate is an excellent choice for those webmasters who are interested in monetizing websites and/or blogs whose subject is related directly to financial markets and especially with Forex.

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EasyMarkets Forex and CFD Broker


EasyMarkets Logo

– Market Maker broker from Cyprus specialized in Forex, CFD, and vanilla options

-Regulated by organizations such as ASIC and CySEC

-Fixed spreads and access to different trading assets

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EasyMarkets – Forex Broker Review

EasyMarkets is an online broker specializing in Forex (spot Forex), CFD, and Forex options which was established in 2015 and currently has its operational base in Cyprus. Previously it was known as Easy-Forex, a broker founded in 2003, therefore it shares many features with this broker, including the list of trading instruments and trading platform among others. In fact, EasyMarkets is the new brand that has come to replace Easy-Forex. The reason for this change is that EasyMarkets covers more markets and is a way to expand the company’s presence in the sector.

EasyMarkets is a Market Maker broker type, which means that it is the counterpart of its clients in their transactions in case of not finding an external counterpart. Also, it offers fixed spreads and does not allow strategies based on scalping.

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Stochastic RSI Indicator

The Stochastic RSI was developed to increase the sensitivity and reliability of the regular RSI indicator especially when the trader wants to trade  during periods when the RSI is in overbought/oversold condition.
The creators of this indicator – Tushar Chande and Stanley Kroll – explain that very often the RSI oscillator remains at the levels 20 and 80 for extended periods of time without even reaching the overbought and oversold areas where many traders look for opportunities to enter the market.
Therefore, when the RSI is combined with the stochastic oscillator, a new indicator, the Stochastic RSI, offers better and clearer signals for opening and closing positions.

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Elliot Waves Theory – Description and Features

Elliot Waves Theory – Offering Great Predictions!

The Elliott Wave theory developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott (1871-1948), is based on the principle that price movements of financial markets can be described through the waves that form it and the study of the graphic formation of these waves. It is based on Dow theory and is a significant advance on this. In other words, it analyzes the different movements or «waves» in any period of time, both the bullish and the bearish waves.
After the death of Elliott, this theory was almost forgotten and years later was AJ Frost and Robert Prechter who with his book Principles of Elliott Waves (1978) made ​​it popular.

Forex Masters Contest from Deltastock

The Forex broker Deltastock has recently launched a new trading contest for demo accounts called Forex Masters which has a total prize fund of 16,800 euros that will be distributed among the winners. The contest awards will be distributed as follows:
  • First place: 1500 euros.
  • Second place: 800 euros.
  • Third Place: 500 euros.

Competition Period: This trading competition of the Deltastock broker has ended.

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Deltastock Forex Broker

Deltastock-Forex Broker Review Deltastock is a regulated Non Dealing Desk/STP Forex broker founded in 1998 that offers a lot of instruments to trade in the market. The clients of this company have access to a lot of types of trading accounts and trading platforms, including Metatrader 4. This broker offers direct access to the Forex market and also allows to trade … Read more