XTB Review 2022 – Analysis of Forex Broker XTB

XTB Broker review and analysis

XTB – STP broker from Europe specialized in Forex and CFD

-Regulated by organizations such as the FCA

-Tight spreads and low commissions

Review of the Forex broker XTB

XTB is a regulated Forex and CFD broker in Europe, which was founded in 2002 and whose headquarters are located in Poland. It also has offices in several major European countries such as Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as offices in several countries in Latin America, including Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.

This company stands out for the variety of markets it offers to its clients, in addition to Forex, which includes stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies that can be traded through CFD under favorable trading conditions for the trader. It started trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2016 after a successful initial public offering that valued the company at almost $350 million.

In the following XTB review, we will present the main features and services of this online broker

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Axi Review 2022 – Analysis of Forex Broker Axi

Axi broker review

Axi broker review

– ECN/STP broker from Australia specialized in Forex and CFD
-Tight spreads and low commissions
-Regulated by ASIC and FCA
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Axi Review – Forex and CFD Online Broker

Axi (previously known as Axitrader) is a regulated ECN/STP Forex broker from Australia, which is licensed by ASIC and allows to trade with Forex (spot market), commodities (like gold and silver), and Contracts For Difference based on many financial assets through various trading platforms. This company was founded in 2008. Nowadays it is among the main companies in the sector worldwide.

We are, in our opinion, before a very versatile broker that can serve both beginner clients, due to their low minimum deposit and trading requirements, as well as professional traders and institutional investors.

It has specific technical solutions for (money managers, multiple accounts managers (MAM accounts) and AxiSelect services (for professionals), and AxiPrime (for institutional clients).

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Review of ForexTime Broker (FXTM) – Regulated Forex and CFD Broker

Review of ForexTime Broker

ForexTime Broker Review

ForexTime (FXTM) is a Forex and CFD broker from Europe which allows trading with Forex, precious metals and Contracts For Difference based on indices, stocks and commodities. This company offers a variety of services, including ECN execution, access to many markets, modern trading platforms, solutions of Forex automated trading and more.

It was founded in 2014 and has its headquarters located in Cyprus and customer service centers in several countries, including France, Spain and the United Kingdom among others. It is currently regulated and registered with several financial services regulators such as CySEC, for example.

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FPMarkets – Regulated Forex Broker of Australia

Review of FPMarkets broker

FPMarkets Logo
-ECN/STP broker from Australia specializing in Forex and CFD.  
-Regulated by organizations such as ASIC and CySEC.
-Fast executions with tight spreads and low commissions.
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FPMarkets – Forex Broker Review

FPMarkets is a regulated Forex and CFD online broker from Australia (regulated by ASIC), which also offers trading services with shares of different markets (including Australian stocks). This broker was founded in 2005 and its central headquarters are located in Sidney.

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Avatrade Complete Review 2022 – Forex And CFD Broker

  Avatrade – Market maker broker from Europe specializing in Forex and CFD -Regulated by organizations such as ASIC -Access to many markets through CFD Visit Broker Website Avatrade-Broker Review AvaTrade is a recommended Forex and CFD broker that offers many trading instruments for its clients including Forex (dozens of currency pairs), commodities, CFD, Forex options, and others. It is … Read more

ThinkMarkets Review 2022 – Forex And CFD Broker

Review of the broker Thinkmarkets

ThinkMarkets  logo

-ECN/STP Forex and CFD Broker from Australia.

-Regulated by bodies such as ASIC and FCA

-Many trading assets with tight spreads and low commissions

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ThinkMarkets – Forex Broker Analysis

ThinkMarkets is a Forex broker in Australia, which was founded in 2009. The main offices of the company are located in Australia and it has customer service offices located in various countries, including Spain, the UK, and Brazil. Currently, this company is duly registered and regulated by the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission), the regulatory body of financial services in Australia. This ensures the quality and legality of the services of this broker. ThinkMarkets is specialized in Forex, Contracts For Difference, and precious metals like gold and silver.
In this ThinkMarkets review, we are going to describe its main products and services. We are also going to talk about its regulation and trading conditions among other aspects.

Review of XM Broker 2022 – Forex and CFD Broker


– NDD/STP broker from Europe specialized in Forex and CFD

-Regulated by organizations such as CySEC

-Low commissions and Zero spreads trading accounts

XM – Broker Review

XM is a regulated Forex and CFD Broker from Europe which allows its clients to trade with currency pairs (Forex), commodities like gold and silver, and Contract For Difference based on different kinds of assets and instruments through the trading platform Metatrader 4. Also, it offers various solutions for Forex automated trading, regular promotions for its clients, Forex signals, research and educational services, and many more.

In this review, we are going to explore its main services and features.

In this review of the XM broker, we are going to talk about its main products and services, its trading conditions, its main promotions, and other relevant aspects.

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EXNess Broker Review 2023 – Detailed Analysis on EXNess

  EXness -ECN/STP broker from Europe specialized in Forex and CFD -Regulated by organizations such as CySEC -Tight spreads and high leverage up to 1:200 Visit Broker Website EXNess-Broker Review The Exness Group is an international company that offers online brokerage and investment services in Forex, Stocks, Indices, Cryptocurrency, and other markets. With headquarters in more than 5 countries, this … Read more

GKFX – Forex and CFD Broker


GKFX Review – Forex broker regulated by FCA

GKFX is a regulated Forex and CFD broker from United Kingdom which offers access to many markets, besides Forex, through Contracts For Difference. It was founded in 2009. This broker offer several services to its clients, including a web based trading platform, platforms for mobile devices, regular promotions and more.

GKFX is a Market Maker broker, which means that it offers fixed spreads regardless of market conditions, and can sometimes act as the counterpart of its clients during their trades. However, it also offers a trading account with similar trading conditions to those that characterize STP brokers with variable and extremely low spreads. Because it is a Market Maker, it does not charge commissions directly for the transactions of its clients, obtaining its profits through the spread that charges in the prices.

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CFD Risk Management – How to properly manage the risk in CFD?

CFD risk management

Risk management in trading or investing is perhaps one of the most important factors in determining the success or failure of a trader, although it is undoubtedly one of the most neglected factors. As Warren Buffett, president of Berkshire Hathaway and possibly the best investor in history, says, “Rule number 1 is never losing money and second, never forget rule number one”. If one of the richest people in the world says this, we must be aware of the importance of proper and systematic risk management in investments. Not in vain, a few wrong or poorly executed market trades can put an end to all or part of our trading account.

Managing risk is not something for which there are exact and simple rules, since it is something totally variable depending on the type of investor we are. In this way, a trader who prefers intraday trading will not assume the same risk in each transaction as a “value investor” whose time horizon is months or years. In the case of the latter they are able to withstand large temporary losses (in some cases higher than 50%) as well as averaging down, aspects that a professional trader can not and should not afford at any time. 

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