Reversal trading system based on Keltner channels and Bollinger Bands

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The trading system that we will explain below is based solely on two indicators, the Keltner channels, and the Bollinger Bands, which are actually quite similar. It is a price reversal system that tries to find the price inversion points. Therefore, it works best in range markets where extreme value readings of indicators such as [...]

Trading Strategy with Supports, Resistances and Stochastic

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In this article, we present a trading strategy developed and kindly provided by a collaborator named Erick Diaz Guerra. This strategy uses an automatic indicator of supports and resistances; and as a filter, the standard stochastic oscillator of MetaTrader 4, a known technical indicator used in many trading systems. The strategy is based mainly on [...]

Main Types of Trading Systems

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Introduction We have already talked in other articles about the natural evolution of the Trader, from the beginning of his career in the markets until he obtains the knowledge and skills necessary to develop his own profitable Trading System, and now we are going to focus on the different types of trading systems that exist. [...]

The Calmar Ratio – Profitability and Risk Indicator

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The Calmar Ratio is an indicator that is designed to measure and compare the performance of an investment portfolio or trading system. The interesting thing about this ratio is that it summarizes how the profitability of the period has been with respect to the assumed risk. Although it is a less known indicator than the [...]

NR4/IB strategy for intraday trading

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The NR4/IB trading strategy is an intraday trading system which was developed by the traders Lawrence A. Connors and Linda Bradford Raschke and presented in their book “Street Smarts”. The meaning of the letters NR4/IB is “Narrow Range Bar 4Bar/Inside” and each time this pattern is detected there is a high probability that the market will produce a strong [...]

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